Semester is over

Some amazing(ly exhausting) two weeks just passed. I wrote my first exam on 6. February, my last on 20. February and four more inbetween – literary studies, linear algebra, pedagogy and so on. The good news is that I already know that I’ve passed four of them. I’m positive I’ve passed the introduction to pedagogy too, but linear algebra is going to be a close one.
Of all exams, only three are actually important for my final (as in, when I graduate in ideally four years) grade. With an average of 3.0 this semester, which is somewhere between 61% and 65%, I’m certainly not among the best but I don’t really care. The first semester is over, eight more are to come, things will get better (hopefully).

In my last post in December (I can’t even take care of a blog. I would be a horrible father), I mentioned a presentation in one of my classes. Eventually, it wasn’t Depths II but what Garrett said to announce it during the Legends of the Fall-Tour. To my surprise, it went really well. I was nervous as shit, but my teacher thanked me for it multiple times… I’m always confused when people really like what I’m doing and suspect something else behind it. I wrote an essay about the German Army of WWII and was waved from handing in a third essay because it was so good. Maybe that overshadowed my presentation a little? Maybe I got sort of a “cuteness” bonus because of my condition? I can’t believe I was that good.

After all, this semester was quite interesting. I realized a few things that I did differently compared to when I was studying bachelor’s physics. I was in a completely different mood to begin with – fairly depressed in physics and hypomanic in maths/English. But I also had a different attitude towards the other students.
In physics, I wanted to live this amazing life that’s portrayed in American movies and TV shows. I had no other source of information on what a student’s life usually looks like and expected this Californian wonderland. I got to know a lot of amazing people that were so nice and open-minded. I enjoyed being around them and eventually just went to the lectures because I didn’t want to be lonely and had nothing else to do.
In maths/English, I started out wanting to graduate. I had (still have) a set aim which is to teach maths and English, although English is more of a “it’s the only subject I am qualified for”-choice. When the semester began, I knew what my life would be like and was more interested in learning and passing than meeting people. I still found two or three nice guys amidst literally hundreds of students but just let it happen instead of forcing anything.

Anyway, enough rambling for now. I’ll try to be a little more active during the semester break.

Stay alive.
(I sure will, got tickets for an ABR show in August.)


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