52 weeks

There isn’t much I could say right now. Uni distracts  me quite a lot, but I still feel down quite often. Especially when I’m trying to understand a week’s maths lecture on Friday (because that’s the day I do maths), I just want to lay down and sleep. So far, however, I can keep up the pace.
Right now I’m calming down a little, due to two weeks of free time (Dec 24 – Jan 8). I’m still doing quite a lot for uni – trying to get through an entire semester in three days so I can take the exam this semester already. This lecture is divided in two parts, one in winter, one in summer, but I would love to get it done in just one, because it would make next semester easier. Shouldn’t be too hard because it’s didactic (pedagogy? I forgot what’s the difference) of geometry.

Anyway, besides uni, I’ve been to a few concerts, because why not. Lionheart on Nov 2, Böhse Onkelz on Nov 21 and Dec 22, Dame on Dec 12, Bülent Ceylan on Dec 10. With the exception of the Böhse Onkelz concerts, a friend accompanied me to all of them. Being social and stuff.

That’s about it, I would guess. I don’t really like Christmas season, but it’s over now and I’m looking forward to Dec 31. The new year is gonna be fun. The first day back at uni, I (the entire Intro to Literary Studies class, that is) will write a test on Hamlet and another play based on it, because nobody read the play. Yeah. The day after, I’m gonna give my oral presentation. Instead of talking about “Depths II”, I went for a quote by Garrett Russell, because I would’ve talked way too much otherwise (7 minutes are nothing).

Despite this year being more of a mixture of things – it even had its good moments, like my realization that I want to study maths to become a teacher – I’m glad it’s over. That’s why this post is entitled 52 weeks – the name comes from a Böhse Onkelz song called “52 Wochen”, and I’ll just leave the lyrics here for you (translation is rather free to convey the meaning). In 2016, this song was released on their “Memento” album, which was their first album since 2004 (which is when they released “adios”). It’s more of a generic and stereotypical Onkelz song, but it indeed has a deeper meaning. I’d give you a link to a video where you can see me in a pogo on Dec 22, but nobody seems to have filmed it. Instead, enjoy a recording from another city with a really calm crowd (really strange for Dortmund to be so behaved)

Böhse Onkelz – 52 Wochen (52 weeks)

Das Jahr war lang und stressig, (This year was long and stressful)
War herzlos und gehässig, (Was cruel and bitchy)
Es hat mir alles abverlangt (It demanded everything from me)
Es ist vorbei, Gott sei Dank! (It is over, thank God!)

Karma, Prüfung, Schicksalsschlag, (Karma, trials, strikes of fate)
Blamiert bis auf die Knochen, (Embarrassed to the max)
Doch auch das schlimmste Jahr (But even the worst year)
Hat nur 52 Wochen. (Only has 52 weeks)

Ich mag den Tanz in’s neue Jahr, (I like how we’re celebrating the new year)
Die Zukunft ist für alle da, (Future is for everyone)
Wo ist der Erste-Hilfe-Kasten?, (Where is the first aid kit?)
Das Jahr ist um, Zeit, auszurasten. (This year is over, time to fuck shit up go mad)

Frohes neues Jahr, (Happy new year)
Das alte kann mich mal, (The old one can go fuck itself)
Ein Jahr mit einem Herz aus Stahl, (A year with a heart of steel)
Ich wein’ ihm keine Träne nach. (I’m not crying over it)

Das alte war ein böses Jahr, (The old year was an evil one)
Es gibt kein nächstes Mal, (There will be no next time)
Ich lass’ dir eine Blume da, (I’ll leave you a flower)
Du Arschloch, du kannst mich mal. (Asshole, go fuck yourself)

Ein Jahr ist eine lange Zeit, (A year is a long time)
Kann nützlich wie ein Tripper sein, (Can be as useful as an STD)
Ein kein Auf, nur Nieder, (No highs, only lows)
Verpiss dich’, komm nie wieder. (Fuck off and never return)

12 Monate nur Sorgenfalten, (12 months full of sorrow)
Nichts um mich dran festzuhalten, (Nothing to keep me here)
Ein Jahr Wolkenbruch und Frust, (One year of rain and frustration)
Das gibt Haare auf der Brust. (Makes a man out of you)

Ich mag den Tanz… (I like how we’re celebrating…)

Frohes neues Jahr… (Happy new year…)

Auf die Leber (To the liver)
Und auf alles, was in ihr ertrinkt, (And everything that drowns in it)
Ersaufen wir das alte Jahr (Let’s drown the old year)
Und alles, was uns sonst noch stinkt. (And everything else we don’t like)


Stay alive.


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