One thing I regret – not learning Greek

Quick update on my mood – rather neutral right now although I sometimes feel like I’m gonna break down for no or just a very stupid reason. I can control that a little by emptying my head (like, pretend I’m dead) but I guess that’s just because I realize it rather quickly. I don’t know what’s gonna happen when I don’t pay attention to my feelings.

Now about that regret thing. Lectures started just today. During the last two weeks, I was in a preparation class for maths in which a very nice guy (with a PhD) gave an introduction to “real” university maths. I really liked that and it confirmed that studying maths is (at least for me) a lot nicer than physics, although that may be caused by the uni’s… not so nice physics department, too.
Today I had my first lecture in linear algebra and “Introduction to Literary Studies” (because maths/English teacher). I liked the former, but the latter was weird. The woman doing that class is a PhD candidate and she reminds me of an old art teacher of mine which I never liked. This is just the first of four English classes I take during the first semester (each two hours per week) and I think teaching English is going to be a lot of fun, especially in higher classes, accordingly I hope that the other lecturers are better. I attended a lecture in American Literature while I was still enrolled as physics student and that one was a lot of fun.

What do I regret about this? I needed a second subject, next to maths, to enlist in teacher education and I had three candidates that I enjoyed during school – in a descending order: religious education, English and history. However, the university requires me to have a Graecum in order to study RE because, obviously, the gospel was originally written in Greek. A Graecum basically certifies that I know how to deal with old-Greek texts, like a Latinum does for Latin.
I’m not saying that I don’t like studying English – I expect it to be a lot of fun – but it is a second choice nevertheless. I don’t regret that I have started studying English and, in retrospect, I wouldn’t be where I am right now if I had made an attempt on a Graecum during school.

Anyway, just a little more on university. When I started physics half a year ago, my expectations were low in terms of getting to know new people. I just wanted to do my thing at uni and be left alone. Turns out those people I met are such friendly and open-minded folks that I ended up really liking them. I’m still in their Whatsapp-group because I want to know what’s going on, although that means being spammed 24/7.
Now that I have started maths (which is on an even level of importance as English, but I focus on maths because it’s maths) I intentionally wanted to get to know some people. Well, after all, there are two or three guys I can stand, but we don’t really have anything in common. Yes!

Well, then, time to abandon this blog for another few weeks until I want to vomit my thoughts right into the veins the internet again.

Stay alive.


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