I’m out of titles.

So, I’ve been on vacation for two weeks and I learnt how to be a lazy piece of sh*t. In all seriousness, it was way too warm for me (like, 30° Celsius) and we were at the beach and I was just lying in our tent’s shadow, trying not to die.
In addition, there were jellyfish in the water. Of all animals I know, there are only three that I sincerely hate. Big, fat bugs. Big spiders. Jellyfish.

But I think this vacation was worth it because I took some really nice pictures (which can actually be found on my amazing new DeviantArt-Account).
The downside of this is that I now lack a lot of motivation to do things I used to do before. I guess I just need a week to get back together.

All in all, nothing too interesting has happened since my last post. I have happy-time right now and I don’t even remember the correct term for it. Like, the scientific term. One of the major drawbacks I see in this is this thing called hypersexuality which nobody told me about when I signed up. It sucks. It’s a major reason I keep falling for the lust of the flesh. But other than that, I’m fine right now and I’m excited to start studying next month.

I feel how my mind is jumping from one thought to the next. Whenever I want to look something up because I need to know the details, I forget about it within minutes. I am capable of spending hours doing the same stupid thing simply because I find it interesting although it’s the most boring and useless stuff I could ever be doing. I’m not saying that I’m browsing reddit 24/7, but more like 12/7.

One last thing I would like to say – A big thank you to the Silent Planet guys. This happy-time right now was introduced by a comparable weak but still impacting breakdown. I felt hopeless and tried to talk to somebody, but I couldn’t find anyone. In retrospect, I should’ve known that because it was midnight. I wrote them a message on facebook and they response was heartwarming, even though it was only a few sentences long. I felt like there was a purpose to all of this.
If you are into Metalcore, definitely give them a listen. They are an amazing band with lots of fresh energy and deep lyrics about a multitude of things I can’t even list right now. Plus, they are full of love. Just look them up on youtube and you’ll find a treasure of epicness.

Lots of love,
and stay alive.


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