7,305 days old

So, today I’ve got this birthday thing, which means that I’m now 7,305 days old. If it wasn’t for leap years, I would score an even 7,300 days, but no.
This year has been a blast already. On July 23, I celebrated my 175,000th birthhour (at 1.59pm, to be precise), and today, I’m turning 20 years old (at 9.59pm).

Anyway, I don’t have much to say about that. Last night, somewhere between 0.30 and 2.30, I drew my path through this last year. I probably forgot a couple things (e.g. April 6, when I created this blog) but it’s getting close. And since it was the middle of the night, I thought there were two L’s in “already”.
After drawing that path, I decided to draw a graph representing my moods (approximated) during this year. Obviously, it’s a sin-function, multiplied with the tan of x if the cos of x is a square of a power of two divided by the cube root of seven over ten, and if the cos of x is the square root of a cubed number to which you’ve added pi to the four over six, you simply take the whole function, multiply it with i over pi, add e to the square of sin x and substract the diameter of the universe in inches. Factorial.

But seriously, this thing even makes sense, at least if my memory isn’t too bad.
The quality of the picture isn’t really good, but it was dark outside and I only have warmwhite light bulbs in my room.

That’s it for today. Love you all. Stay alive.




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