No stress equals almost no bad (so far)

I recently found out that the university accepted my application for studying maths and English. That’s nice. I will begin studying on October 17, I think. The semester officially begins on October 1, but for some reason, lectures only begin two weeks later.

During the last few weeks, I have tried keeping myself out of stressful situations because it feels like they are some kind of trigger. So far, it has worked wonderfully, and even a rather stressful scenario went fairly well and without aftermath. I’ve met up with a few guys from the former advanced physics class and our teacher, and I was fairly nervous because that’s kind of a thing where you have to be social which isn’t exactly my strength.
The most stress I’ve had actually was because of non-existant reasons. My head simply goes mad from time to time, for whatever reason, and emotions like fear and anger rush through my veins. I don’t know why, I don’t have a reason to be anxious or upset, but this gives me a reason to hate myself. Then, however, I like to listen to music and it makes me feel good again… the impact of music on my life is astonishing, even to myself. I doubt I would still be alive without the grace of music, but that’s another story.

Just to keep myself from falling apart, I’m trying to give in to some “temptations”, which are eating a bag of chips (crisps, @Britain) or a bar of chocolate (like, 100g) in no time because it makes me happy. I’m not eating enough anyways, so at least it won’t be obvious I’m doing this.

So, yeah, keep eating unhealthy junk because it’s awesome. But not too much of it, because I would like you all to stay alive.


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