Nothing really important, just making decisions.

So, I recently got the form for changing my course of studies and I filled it in yesterday, I think. Now all I need to do is copy my school report, go to my city’s office and let them certify my copy. Additionally, I will receive a letter on Monday or Tuesday which testifies my language level is C1.
With those three things I will go to the sudents’ office, slam that stuff on their table and then quickly run away before I change my mind. Yes, that’s how I’m going to do it.

I’m pretty busy understanding this new future of mine, and whenever I have more of a down day, I question this decision. But then I remember that studying physics was my plan B and not something I desperately wanted to do. I really liked physics at school and even was in the advanced class, but at university, it’s totally different and doesn’t make fun anymore. I probably should have informed myself before enrolling, but I didn’t.
At least I have learnt from that mistake and I have to say that these last three months were quite cool although I didn’t pay much attention to the subject itself. Being around some amazing people that I got to know is an amazing experience and, from a social perspective, I’m very happy to have made this mistake.

This showed me that it’s not always bad to make wrong decisions. I may have lost one year in which I could have been productive in a career-related way just because I didn’t know what I want to do with my life, but after all this led me to my current situation and showed me what I really want to be.
We all carry the Holy Spirit in us and I think it is important that we let it guide us through life although it may not always be obvious what its intentions may be. That’s what this has taught me so far.

Stay alive.


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