Doing stuffs!

I’m in a pretty good mood right now (which is why I’m not really posting anything) although I’m a little troubled with the decision I have to make rather soon.

My desire to switch from bachelor of physics to teacher of maths and English is increasing every single day I spend at university, attending physics lectures. This week, I have taken a few hours of my not-so-precious time to see what a maths lecture is like and I instantly liked it a lot better than physics. It’s weird because I was really looking forward to finally studying the subject that I have always liked in school, but then the very first lecture already disappointed me. But geometry, which I expected to be less interesting, was some sort of a high kick into my face telling me that studying can be fun (who knew?!).
I also visited a lecture on American Literature and Cultural History and it was just as amazing. My intention was to study maths, which is some sort of a brain cracker, and English, which I assumed would be more of a ‘talky’ subject. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to think and understand and draw the right conclusions, but it’s  a different form of thinking. Maths is in that one very scientific part of the brain while English is in the art department I would guess.

Anyway, on Thursday and Friday I’m going to go to a few maths classes again (analysis, geometry, algebra and stochastic) to see how the other branches work for me. Next week, I want to visit one or two lectures on didactic methodes and a few English ones.

All this university stuff isn’t going to be as easy as I would want it to be, but my aim is to become a freakin’ teacher´and this time I’m really convinced of it. I already have the request to change subjects printed out and all I need to do is fill it in and send it to whoever is responsible for that kind of stuff, together with a CV and my school report (which I’m really proud of, btw). Should be do-able.

Screw the haters (but keep them in your prayers; AKA verses 46-47), listen to whatever music you feel like listening to right now and, most importantly…

Stay alive.


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