Chocoholocaust in my brain… sort of

I’m still in some sort of a down, but today was a surprisingly nice day, not only because I’m home freakin’ early, but because there are nice people at university. And one of them is just as sleepy as I am which is quite cool.

But I was still in a down, so I ate some chocolate (that stuff with 50+% cacao). I like doing that when I’m on the border between down and neutral because it somehow fools my brain into thinking I’m happy. It’s like with cannabis, but less intense. Far less intense. But it’s the same general direction, I think.
I don’t know why chocolate is doing that because I left both – biology and chemistry class –  as soon as I could, but I would guess it triggers happy hormones. Dopamine and stuff like that. I like it. You should try it.

Unfortunately, I can’t eat chocolate forever because it would make me fat and kill my blood sugar, but it’s a nice bonus from time to time. So yeah, #chocolate4life is quite appropriate, I guess (next to #alcoholic4life *cough*).

…on another note, I once made a cake and officially dubbed it the world’s first ‘True Vegan Pirate Chocolate Cake’. It was a vegan chocolate cake. With Rum.

Stay alive, you wonderful people


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