Some Bullshit Blog

So, I’m going to post some stuff here. This is mostly for me to express what I feel during the episodes of a bipolar disorder, so I might upload some very euphoric lines just as well as the hardcore depressing bullshit.

So, that being said… I’m in a so-so mood right now. I just started studying physics at university but now – after only being there for like one day – I’m already a little doubtful whether it was the right decision. I can’t rid myself of the idea that mathematics might be the better choice after all. I guess I will have to wait this next half year and once I got a little more used to all this new stuff happening around me, I can still decide whether I want to switch subjects. Maths just seems so much more appealing right now. I got somebody’s bachelor stuff in front of me (subject is around probability) and I find it extremely interesting… At any rate, I will see…

Try to stay alive.


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